1 a small fragment of stone, wood, etc.
2 (in pl.) these used as a surface for roads, roofs, etc.

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the act of chipping something
Syn: ↑chip, ↑splintering
Derivationally related forms: ↑splinter (for: ↑splintering), ↑chip, ↑chip (for: ↑chip)
Hypernyms: ↑breakage, ↑break, ↑breaking

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noun (-s)
Etymology: from gerund of chip (II)
a. : the action of a chipper (as in dressing or shaping an object of iron, timber, or stone)
b. : the breaking off in small pieces (as of the edges of pottery or glassware)
2. : a small piece separated in the process of chipping : chip, fragment
a. : the process of making chipped glass
b. : the decorative effect wrought by this process

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chippˈing noun
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Main Entry:chip

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common var. of cheaping market, in place-names.

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